Embark a soulful journey - day 1

Moikka moi! Welcome to the first Trio since Seth Apter Creative Team posts! I enjoyed making the series of three posts so much, that I decided to continue them at least for a while! If you want to see the older Seth Trios, you can find them under this label (link). The Trio posts usually had a topic, or a product, to which I concentrated, like Izink ICE (link). Or I could challenge myself with limited supplies (link) or use one source of inspiration for three pieces, like I did with "Mothers of Kalevala" (link).

The topic of this Trio is washi tapes. I'm using washi tapes in several ways and create a mini booklet during the three posts. I'm first making backgrounds, then add some mixed media touches and bind the book and in the last part I then make embellishments and decorate the book cover.

Before we start, a few words about washi tapes. There's washi tapes and there's washi tapes. You've probably noticed that there's decorative tapes that have a slightly washi style look, but which won't work the way washi tapes do. I've used different brands and what works best for me is the actual washi tapes from manufacturers like MT masking tape and Maste. I also love Finnish brand Paper Garden's tapes. What they have in common is the good adhesion and possibility to remove the tape without damaging the paper. Some brands I have used either won't stick to the surface at all or start to curl after a while and others rip the material when adjusting the alignment. So, before starting your masterpiece, try the tape out. If you're familiar with the way the tape behaves, you have more options in your palette. For example, if you love the pattern but the adhesive isn't strong, you can use glue or gel medium to make it work. Or if you know that removing will be difficult, you can add a layer of gel and dry it  before adding the tape on top to protect the paper. Or just take extra care when placing the tape. 

Washi is traditional Japanese paper and washi tapes are tapes made using that paper. The white areas in the tapes are usually translucent so you can create great layers by overlapping different designs. The tapes are available in array of patterns, colors and finishes. 

As you can see from the video below, I start this project by choosing a selection of tapes. This way the colors and patterns repeat throughout the project and it feels whole. If you want to play with colors more - like making pages with different colors, try using one neutral color in all of the pages or repeat the same pattern. That way there's something to tie all of the elements together. The tape I'm using in this piece are from the companies mentioned earlier - mt Masking Tape, Maste and Paper Garden. The first two are from a Finnish shop Tape Garden (link) with a wide selection of washi tapes and Paper Garden tapes are of course from Paper Garden (link)

Like you saw in the video, I started the mini by creating backgrounds. I'm making some washi tape patterned pieces, where the tapes cover the whole surface and then decorating the cover pieces, too. Especially in collage the adhesion of the tape doesn't play such a big role as you can use gel medium to adhere the tape in place. But I really love when the tape stays where I've put it and doesn't curl. 

The first background is the easiest - just lines. It's kind of a basic way, which you can then use to make something more complicated. The rhythm of the lines and the visual impact relies highly on the colors you've chosen and the pattern combinations. The second way to cover the background is more time consuming, but the effect is more interesting, at least to my eye. I'm playing with the same tapes, but the effect is totally different compared to the still, rigid lines. The third one, the chevron pattern, has the most movement. It starts with the simple line design but the key part is to cut the strips in opposite angles. Then, depending what kind of look you are after, you can either match the pattern or not when adhering the strips in place. I've included the pics of the finished backgrounds to the bottom of the post so you can study them more carefully, if you like. 

The way I add washi tapes to the cover of the mini is, like I say in the video, probably the way I use washi tapes the most. Kind of just pieces here and there, together with other elements, making a little "basket weave" near the focal point. Or just add a bit of color and pattern to a place. Because the tapes are translucent, even a strong color isn't usually overpowering as it dulls down a little bit and blends to the background. 

I hope you've liked what I've created today! Please be back tomorrow for another episode of "Soulful Journey"! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Teippitarha, Paper Garden, Prima Marketing

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