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Moikka! Today I'm sharing a little something I made for Prima Marketing for a gift themed post.

When thinking about what to do, I first decided to rule out cards and canvases. While a handmade card with cookies or candies makes a perfect gift, I wanted to do something different as I craft cards and canvases to other, not gift themed posts. Instead I wanted to do something with a purpose. After some pondering I settled upon some keyrings. They are handy, little items with a purpose, and you can craft them in such a variety of styles and ways! 

I typed the steps I took to make these three in case you want to create something similar! 

Step 1. Form the wooden pieces into small houses. Paint the pieces with Impasto paint and let dry.

Step 2. Trace the shape of the house to a sheet of Pretty Mosaic paper. Cut loose a little smaller than the drawing. Use Soft Matte Gel to collage the papers to the houses. Let again dry. 

Step 3. Add some stamping on top using black permanent ink and a script stamp. At the same time stamp the moon and the sun embellishments to white cardstock. Color the embellishments using “Shimmering Lights” watercolors and then cut to fit under a clear Melange Pebble. Adhere the pebble on top.

Step 4. Add some colors to the tiny paper piece to the front of the house. Mix the two shiny teal acrylic paints and add some sheen to the sides as well. 

Step 5. Add some dimension to the background by using Icing Paste and a stencil. Before the paste is dry, add some extra adhesive to the back of the sun and the moon pebble as well as to the star and push them into place. 

Step 6. Thread some wire through some Glass Beads and a couple of pearls from the Pearls V set. Wrap the wire around the little house. Add an eyelet screw to both ends of the house and some crystals near the focal point from the Pretty Mosaic SIIC set. 

Step 7. Finish the decorative keyring with waxes and add a ring to the piece. You can also add a jump ring first to the eyelet screw and add additional embellishments there. I added some letter beads to dangle from the ring. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a splendid day. 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli

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