Among Stars - Prima Marketing Facebook Live

Moikka! It's time to announce my last Facebook live for Prima Marketing as I'm not applying to another term. It feels so strange as I've been a part of the DT several years and done the Facebook lives quite a while, too. 

For my last Facebook live I went playing among the stars. During the live I’ll make a small assemblage and use both “Unicorn” and “Golden Nugget” pastes in that to create a galaxy look. While I work on top of black surface, to get that galaxy effect, the same techniques apply to light surface as well. I made a sample with the same techniques on a white surface, too, and shall blog that on Monday and naturally show it during the live show, too.

If you wish to create along side with me, there's a materials list of Prima mediums and elements I'm using. On top of those, I'm using a small wooden base, some wire, tea, bees wax and a metal tea light cup.

Hope you can join me next Tuesday! Thank you for stopping by today! Have a nice weekend!


966935 – Art Extravagance Golden Nugget paste 
966942 – Art Extravagance Unicorn paste 
961459 – Art Alchemy Heavy Gesso Black 
961442 – Art Basics Heavy Gesso White 
967741 – Art Alchemy Sparks acrylic paint Chest of Gold 
964450 – Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint Midnight Sky 
965143 – Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint Royal Blue 
964436 – Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint White Pearl 
963392 – Finnabair Mechanicals Barn Stars 
963354 – Finnabair Mechanicals Mini Stars 
967109 – Finnabair Mechanicals Machine Parts 
967086 – Finnabair Mechanicals Antique Labels 
967093 – Finnabair Mechanicals Hardware Accents 
963316 – Finnabair Mechanicals Mini Hardware
961596 – Art Ingredients Luminous glitter set 
963958 – Art Alchemy Metallique wax Vintage Gold 
964948 – Art Daily Planner sticker book Words You Need 
966287 – Art Ingredients Melange Art Pebbles Sugar 
Finnabair stars stencil

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli

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