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Hi there! I’m always drawn to tea tones and vintage motifs. The fruit patterns of “Fruit Paradise” make me think about some bowls my grandparents had and that are now in our summer house. They had different berries and fruits in the bottom of the bowls and I always wanted the one with walnuts and grapes.

In this journal spread I mixed embellishments from “Fruit Paradise” with tea toned paper from the “Darcelle” pad. I created the paper layers so that the pages were joined and then cut the page in half so the composition continues seamlessly from one page to the other. 

For the paper layers I used a typed journaling and then cut it to strips. This is one of the ways you’re able to pour your thoughts to a page and then conceal them from the rest of the world. If you wish to have more ideas for the same, my segment of “Wellspring 2019” is all about it.

Thank you for stopping by today! 

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