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Moikka! Today I'm sharing my other make using this month's "nature" theme at WOW! Embossing Powder! I talked about in my earlier post how the theme got me thinking about earth tones. In those magnets, however, I used a vibrant palette, but with this card I went with more earthy tones.

I used wood in my magnets and in this project I embossed a leaf. There's no limitation to the surface you can try to emboss! Most of times it works, sometimes maybe not, but the only limit is your imagination. I've embossed on top of a dried leaf before and really liked the effect I got, but this was the first time I tried it on top of a lace like leaf. I really liked this effect, too!

I wanted something fun and experimental as my focal point. I've earlier done wax seals using hot glue (link), but this time I decided to try if Melt It products work for such a technique. And as you can see from the card, it worked beautifully! Keep in mind, though, that Melt It seal is more brittle than the wax version, so it's more like an embellishment that a means to close an envelope. If you'd like to see how I made the seal and rest of the card, please see the video below!

I wanted to bring nature to my card with other elements, too. I used some plant stamps from Julie Hickey underneath my seal but also added the circle pattern from the WOW! "Round and Round" stamp set in my card. That reminded me of the annual rings in tree trunks. 

I used a mix of shiny, metallic powder and mat Earthtone powder in my make. Contrasts heighten each other, so adding mat and shine to the same piece makes the shiny parts shine even more. 

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Materials used from WOW!:

Metallic Gold Rich embossing powder
Aztec Glintz embossing powder
Honey embossing powder
Vanilla White embossing powder
Round and Round stamp set
Melt It powder
Melt It foil cups
WOW! embossing ink
WOW! heat tool

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