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Moikka! Today I'm sharing something in the lines of "Throwback Thursday". This piece was created for Artful Academy some time ago and published in the "Inspired by Artists" online workshop (link). As the name states, the workshop is about being inspired by an artist. 

The workshop has segments inspired for example by Paul Klee, Carl Larsson, Henri Matisse and Gustav Klimt. I wanted to go with a Finnish painter and chose Helene Schjerfbeck (link) for two reasons. First of all, she's one of my favorites. Second, I wanted a female painter and the thing that tipped the scale in favor of Helene over Ellen Thesleff (link) was the fact that there was a big Helene Schjerfbeck exhibition at the time I was making the piece in the Finnish National Gallery Ateneum. It was the same exhibition that was shown in London some time before (link). Because while Schjerfbeck is very known here in Finland she's almost obscure everywhere else. 

During the workshop you'll learn a little bit about Helene herself and I show how I pick some style pointers from her and create an art journal page. I also create another one, where I combine her style more to mine. I shall share that one tomorrow.

Talking about online workshops, have you seen the trailer to Creative JumpStart 2021? If not, you can check it above! And if you want to learn more about it, please follow this link (affiliate link) to read more and sign up.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pan Pastel

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