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There was a Finnabair Ambassador post in Finnabair's blog in January (link). The topic in it was  Impasto paints and new beginnings as the year was just starting. Here's my take on the subject!

When I read the theme Vasilis chose for this post, I just had to raise my hand and be a part of it! I was originally planning to go with an abstract take on the subject, just play with color and pattern, but as most of the time, I let the project lead me and it needed a plant shape on top of the abstract layers.

I started the piece by adding a few colors chosen at random to my base, a piece of wood. I ended up adding “Boudoir Pink”, “Pumpkin” and white gesso as the first layer. I used both a paint brush and a brayer when adding the colors. That’s the beauty of Impastos, they are so thick you and use different tools to get different textures! 

On top I then started layering patterns using different stencils and different colors. I used for example “Heather”, “Mediterranean” and “Poppy Red”. As I wanted a relatively smooth surface at this stage, I used a sponge to apply the paint and not a silicone brush or palette knife which would have been great for textured layers. I let the patterns overlap and mixed florals with geometrical patterns. 

To make the stylized plant pop out of the background I painted a circle using “White Pearl” Metallique paint. On top of the warm colored background it’s almost silver looking! Like a moon over a field. The plant I painted first with black gesso, but while the paint was still wet, I added in some “Green Apple” Impasto paint so there’s a hint of green in the leaves.

Before adding the focal point plant and moon to the piece I also added some stamping for the contrast. The stitch lines, words and other doodles are made with paint markers. The text going around the edge of the plant is about the wishes and ideas for the new year 2020. 

I really love to play with Impasto paints because of the beautiful colors and lovely, creamy consistency. They are thick enough for some wonderful textural work but also work well in painted layers or as background layer for cards, layouts or canvases.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from Finnabair product range: 

Art Alchemy Impasto acrylic paint Green Apple, Mint, Heather, Boudoir Pink, Poppy Red, Pumpkin, Mediterranean
Art Basics Heavy Gesso White, Black 
Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint White Pearl
Passiflora, Grungy Grid, Harlequin stencil
Music Notes stamp

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