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Heippa! You know what August means as well? At least here in Finland the schools are gradually starting. Not just yet but already there's new school supplies being bought and the anticipation is rising. 

Both of my daughters are also starting to get ready to the school days, too. We just bought them new magnetic boards for them to have their schedules and other important papers easily in plain sight. A board needs magnets, so I thought to make this little step by step to fun magnets using Sizzix die set. Hope you like it!

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Step 1. Paint large wooden buttons with fun, bright colors. Use acrylic paints for a good coverage or watercolors for a more delicate effect. Let dry.

Step 2. Using the same colors as the paints you chose, die cut the elements of colored cardstock. Use the Sizzix die set "Bright Spark" for a set of fun symbols or go for the alphabet using letter dies.

Step 3. Using glossy gel medium, adhere the die cuts to the wooden buttons. Coat the whole button with the medium at least twice - once when adhering the die cut and then second coat on top of the die cut as well. This way you get almost a varnish to the pieces.

Step 4. Finish the pieces by adhering magnets to the back of the buttons. Use either self-adhering magnets or then contact glue or gel medium for a good grip. 

Sizzix dies used: 

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Sinelli

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