Crazy Clusters online workshop

Happy May Day! It's a big deal here in Finland. And the weather has been just perfect! Last week it has snowed, haled, rained and all of the three together but today the sun has been shining (and still is!), the weather has been mild and even warm and all in all, just a perfect spring day!

What makes the day even more exciting than the great weather is these news. BIG news! I'm so happy and honored to tell you that I'm one of the guests in Janna Werner's new online workshop called "Crazy Clusters". The class started today. Underneath is the class description.

"Add dimension to your layouts with clusters! Janna Werner reveals loads of tips and tricks for incorporating single, dual, and multiple focal point clusters into your projects in Crazy Clusters. Discover how to create balance, visual movement, and interest while also learning how to avoid a cluttered page. Then, join three talented guest designers for inspiration packed tutorials on creating different types of clusters: Xènia BarrullRiikka Kovasin and Rebecca Luminarias." 

I'm so excited! Hope to see you there and hear your comments! Have a great start to the week!

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