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Going grungy today! I was going though some old canvases and deciding where to put them. I happened to turn one of them around and immediately fell in love with the backing! It's got kraft, it's got text and it was just yearning to get something on there!

So I grabbed some Tattered Angel Pure Mistable papers, some Canvas Corp papers and canvas and started layering. It's really quite relaxing just to glue a strip of paper on top of a strip of paper. When I had the layers done, I then misted the piece with two Glimmer Mist colors to give the piece an autumn-like look. You can see the colors from below.

The canvas then seemed to miss something, so I added a quote from a Canvas Corp paper and some chipboard circles painted with Glimmer Glaze. I also used the Glaze to stamp some circles to the background and made some splashes too! Really quick and easy piece, just perfect for some creative play!

As I have been into making mixed media pieces lately, I'm now finding myself in a pickle. Where to put all the canvases? I mean there's only so much I can hung to our walls! I've given some away, thrown some away and re-used several but still there's way too many. What do you do with your canvases?

Thank you for stopping by today! It really means a lot to me! 

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

Twinkle Yellow- Glimmer Mist 2oz Cranberry Zing- Glimmer Mist 2oz Saffron- Glimmer Glaze  1 oz Pure Mistable Paper 12x12 Linen - White Flocked Ivory Damask on White Chocolate & Ivory Live Love Laugh 30" x 36" Fabric - Ivory Burlap 

Materials: Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp, 3rd Eye, Ranger


  1. So cool that you were inspired instantly and created a beautiful piece! I love the chipboard circles covered with glimmer glaze.

    I try not to create too many canvases for the same reason, I don't know what to do with them. Perhaps you should start selling them? x

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Maybe I could offer them in the prize of the postage... :D

  2. This looks fantastic, love all the textures on your back ground!


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