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"Kun myrsky mylvii ja laine laulaa 
ja vasten louhia loiskuaa,
kun honka huojuu ja näre notkuu
ja vaahto pärskyen roiskuaa.
Mä silloin nautin ja riemurinnoin halki ilmojen kiitelen
ja laulan luontoa, maailmoita 
ja elon taistoa ihmisten."
- Kasimir Leino

The poem on top is freely translated as such: "When the storm is roaring and the waves are singing and when they crash against the rocks, when the trees are bending and the seafoam is splashing high. I then savor the weather and fly and glide across the air with the greatest of joy singing about nature, the world and the strive of men."

I had heard the poem and the song made from it earlier, but the moment when it really hit me still sends shivers down my spine. I had a summer job in a musical theater and the piece was about Finland's history through the eyes of Oskar Merikanto. He happened to live in a time when there was big things happening in Finland, like the Leino brothers, too. The last song of the piece was "Myrskylintu", Thunderbird. It's usually sung by just one male singer but in the musical it was sung by the whole ensemble. It was magnificent. Ever since I have been singing and humming the song every now and then and when I was expecting our first child, I tend to sing it more, just to have a song that she knows. The trick actually worked, the song used to calm her down when I started humming it when she was little.

So now that I'm making pages about little details that make me, inspired by the "My Details" workshop, I just had to document what this piece of music is to me. The Maritime papers by 7 Gypsies fitted the theme perfectly. I didn't have any picture of the musical at hand and didn't want to use yet again a photo of my own face, so I chose to go with a picture of the sea as the poem talks about storming sea rather than storm in land. 

The layers are made with the Maritime papers as well as ephemera. I also included other Canvas Corp Brands materials in the layout - like the corrugated cardboard background and the misted splashes. There's also a drawn Thunderbird peeking behind the photo and some dark feathers to mimic the bird. 

Do you have a song that somehow sums it all up and is really influential? 

Thank you for stopping by today! Keep on singing! 

PS. I've actually made a page about the song before, here's a link to that previous one.

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

  Maritime 8x8 Paper Pad (48 sheets) Maritime 6x6 Paper Pad (48 sheets) Maritime Mini Ephemera Apothecary Label: Chemistry Naked Canvas Mini Shapes  - Flags (3 pieces) 30" x 36" Fabric - Natural Burlap Gratitude Sampler on Kraft C-Flute Kraft Paper Bags Kraft (12 pieces) Tags & Ties Skinny - Chalkstock (5) Dark Blue- Plain Jane Simply Sheer 2oz Sapphire- Glimmer Mist 2oz Graphite- Glimmer Mist 2oz Beetle Black- Glimmer Mist 2oz 

Materials: 7 Gypsies, Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels, Design Memory Craft, 7 Dots Studio


  1. What a gorgeous layout! So serene and lovely!

  2. I just love this - the colours are gorgeous and the design and layering are so beautiful!


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