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I've been sharing what I did last week, challenged my Marsha. Here's the link to my Wednesday and here's to Thursday. Today I'm sharing you the last Friday. So welcome to take a little peek into my life!


I guess I'm totally repeating myself when I tell you that the morning was hot hot hot! As my shift started at 10 and I slept late, I had to start getting ready for work right away. I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I also put on some of my newest perfume. I purchased that on the ferry when we headed home from Stockholm. It's my favorite at the moment!


Like the two days earlier I took the tram to work. Sometimes I take the bus, too, but as I had only money in my travel card not days, I preferred tram as it's cheaper. My monthly card expired just a few days before my vacation so I decided to recharge it with money instead of time. I have no words for this in English, so I hope you get the idea! 

There were a bunch of us in work who were starting their vacation on Friday so the mood was accordingly. I was trying to finish a few cases I had but unfortunately had to give them to a co-worker as I didn't get the info before it was my time to go home. When we gathered to the lobby to sign off from work we discussed what we were planning to do in the evening - there were talk of caipirinha and mojitos. Everyone was so ready to have something else in their mind for a few weeks than work and the issues there!


I have to say that I was feeling quite happy when I closed my locker and headed home. I had some post to collect from the post office so I needed to take a little detour. While walking to the bus center, I did a stop in a big store and got myself a treat for the evening - a long drink. Then I traveled to the post and collected an envelope there - it contained a wonderful ATC from Denisa. I'm so happy about the ATC swaps! Thank you all who have swapped with me!

When I got home my husband was there already so I made a quick FB update and then we spent rest of the evening snuggling on the couch watching movies. Although we both missed the girls tremendously (even though we spoke to them daily), it was quite nice to have a date night kind of thing for every evening during the week.

As the part of the challenge is to nominate someone to document their 5 ordinary days, too, I'm picking Anski today! She has such a great style and I love her "dress of the day" posts! 

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