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Hi there! Today I'm sharing a project I did some time ago, but just got published in an Artful Academy workshop! This one is done for an image transfer class called "Image Transfer Techniques" (link). There's different transfer techniques in the workshop with video tutorials by four different people including me.

In my segment I show some different mediums to transfer the image and then create the project you can see here. There's two videos, first video about different quick ways to do an image transfer and then second video about the project itself. In it I used several transfer techniques, but also collaging, layering, embossing... Like a proper mixed media girl! 

The workshop is now available through Artful Academy and it's only 8 €! So if I got you interested about the quick techniques, this project and also an abundance of knowledge from the other tutors, learn more about this collection here (link) at Artful Academy site!  

Thank you for stopping by today! Have an awesome day! 

Materials: Pentart, Prima Marketing, WOW! Embossing Powder, Posca, Carabelle Studio

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