Time marches on - Finnabair Brand Ambassador spotlight

Hi there and sunny Tuesday! Today I'm sharing my project for Finnabair Brand Ambassador spotlight. And guess what - this time I'm the host! You can see the original post here (link) along with beautiful projects by Keren (link) and Kassa (link)!

When it was my time to choose the topic of the Spotlight, I couldn’t choose anything else than the gels. I refer to gesso and gel medium as a dynamic duo, so as gesso was the topic of the first Spotlight ever, I just had to pick the other, the gels.

I love the fact that there’s different gels in Finnabair range. You’re able to find a suitable medium whether you do flat collages, want to make your own paints or love building texture heavy assemblages. I usually favor the 3D Gel as it’s perfect consistency to be applied with fingers – and I’m always sticking my fingers to all the jars. You can also use a wet brush to apply it and use it almost like Soft Gel if you have run out of the actual softer bodied version. 

My other topic for the Spotlight was time. Partly the theme was due to the spring and beginning of the year, but mostly I got the idea from the only down point of the gels – drying time. Naturally that depends where you live, though! Here in Finland it’s usually an overnight and then the gel is dry thoroughly. In warmer, drier climates it takes less time to dry. 

I used all of the three gels in Finnabair’s range in my make. I also made a little video of my make, hope you like it! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a splendid day! 

Materials from Finnabair range: 

Art Basics Soft Matte Gel 
Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel 
Art Basics Heavy Body Gel 
Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste 
Art Alchemy Matte Wax Patina Green 
Art Alchemy Matte Wax Patina Blue 
Finnabair Tissue Paper Notes 
Finnabair stencil Gothic 
Finnabair Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
Finnabair Mechanicals Flowers 
Finnabair Mechanicals Rustic Washers 
Finnabair Mechanicals Mini Stars 
Finnabair Mechanicals Roman Numerals 
Art Ingredients Mica Powder Tangerine 
Art Ingredients Mica Powder Gold 

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