Thank you - GDT CSI #253

HI there! This is not only a special post for me but also a special layout. The page is made to the new CSI challenge (link), Case File 253. You can see the Case File also below. If you are new to CSI, you  might first want to take a look at their blog, to the "Rules" section (link). Way back I was also a member of the CSI team and then I wrote a post how to participate. As the rules have now changed, there's more ways than one to participate, but you still might find this really old post helpful (link) if you want to follow my footsteps. 

For this Case File I chose to go with the topic inspiration of the Testimony and document my gratitude for this lovely lady in the picture. It was amazing to be asked to her team. That's the special topic I wrote about earlier. The other special thing about the page is that it's a sort of trip down the memory lane as I used to be in the challenge's design team. Also for that reason I wanted to solve it the way I used to do these challenges - pick at least one from Testimony and as many as I could from Evidence and use all the colors, too. 

On top of the already mentioned, I also used two other Testimony inspirations as I wrote my journaling by hand and also used "beginnings" and "creative" to document my topic. I guess the colors are quite easy to see except maybe the turquoise which can be found from the watercolor on the background.

From the Evidence I included solid cardstock both in background and leaf details, stripes in patterned paper, wonky dots, die cuts, hand drawn details and metals in embellishments. I also included paint and circles as I did a mixed media inspired background which I adore doing! If you want to see more about the elements or rather, where they are, please see a list below as I wrote explanations there.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a splendid day! 

Ps. There's a new competition at Sizzix with a possibility to win Essential bundle! It's open to all except USA and Canada, so go and join here (link)

Scene: navy blue (washi tape), turquoise (watercolor), white (background), marigold (alpha stickers), pear green (leaves) 

Evidence: solid background, solid cardstock (leaves), stripes (patterned paper), wonky dots (doodled), die cuts (leaves), washi tape, leaves, hand-drawn elements, paint (watercolor and gesso), circles (stamped), metal (embellishments)

Testimony: topic (document something about your creative hobby), presentation (handwrite your journaling), inspiration words (beginnings, creative, piece)

Materials: Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, Sizzix, American Crafts, Ranger, Teippitarha

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