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Sweet Saturday! My mouth starts to water when I even think about sushi! It's so good! But that wasn't always the case as I was really struggling with the first plate of sushi I ever ate. But after that I wanted to give them another chance, chose totally different kind of sushis and it was easier. Then another try, I liked them and now I'm at the point of "sushi love" like the title of the page says! This layout has been made for A Flair for Buttons (link) and has already been published in their blog (link).

I chose the color palette to match salmon sushi - peachy salmon color, orange and black. There's also a hint of wasabi green and a sushi patterned teal paper. Naturally some Sushi flairs needed to be included as decoration and they kind of sparked the whole page and colors, too. I also added a couple of more flairs from different sets, RainyFruit Slices and Texture 1. All of them compliment the color scheme. I especially love the Texture 1 set as the flairs are so grungy! 

Are you a sushi lover, too? If so, what's your favorite one? Thank you for stopping by today! 

Sets used: 


Materials: A Flair for Buttons, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Fiskars, Prima Marketing, Doodle Bug Designs, American Crafts, Ranger

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