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Moikka! How's your week been so far? Have you joined the blog hop yet? If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a peek at this post (link) as Mixed Up designers are a part of a blog hop to introduce ourselves! 

This piece is something I created for Prima for a special Patina Paste post. You can find Prima's blog here (link). The inspiration came partly from the Patina Paste itself but also from the lady canvas I did some time ago (link). It seems like I have a thing for red heads! In this piece I chose the color because of the contrast for the Patina Paste. 

As Patina Pastes create such a beautiful texture on a project, I decided to make them the star of the piece. They are the only medium I used for the background. I treated the background mainly with the teal and mint colors. For the crown of the lady I used all the colors, starting with the copper and then adding the patina on top. 

I painted the base layer for the portrait with Impasto acrylics and then finished it with pastels. The composition needed something more than just a profile, so I added the hand later – Gel makes adding things so easy!

Thank you for your visit! 

Materials from Prima Marketing:

964351 – Patina Paste set 
961367 – 3D Gloss Gel 
961459 – Heavy Gesso Black 
964382 – Mechanicals Lotus 
963422 – Mechanicals Rustic Washers 
963354 – Mechanicals Mini Stars 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
961053 – Mechanicals Gears 
960339 – Mechanicals Roses 
960322 – Mechanicals Mini Flowers 
960254 – Mechanicals Mini Numbers 
960247 – Mechanicals Roman Numbers 
963323 – Melange Art Pebbles 
963965 – Art Alchemy Metallique wax Aged Brass 
964559 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Poppy Red 
964566 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Raspberry Pink 
964535 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Lemon Peel 
964641 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Cobalt 
583057 – Carte Blanche Vintage Wall D├ęcor Base 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pan Pastels

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