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Hi there! You know March is a special month for Sizzix? Sizzix encourages makes to make a pledge - make it rather than buy it. I wrote about the special month in my earlier post here (link). You can read more about the "Making The Pledge!" here (link), in Sizzix site

In the theme of rather making it than buying, I made some new earrings for myself. I got the inspiration from the die I used to make them, the Bigz Feather die (link). I got the die out for my April projects for the brand and suddenly it hit me that the feathers would make just perfect earrings! So after fifteen minutes or so, I had a new pair. 

Even if I was super excited about my idea and even more when I had added the alcohol inks on top of the plastic, I realized that these would make a great step by step. So I kind of faked the two first steps for the photos as I already had colored all the feathers and punched the holes, but I believe you'll get the hang of it anyway. 

So if you want to make similar earrings to yourself, please follow the step by step below! 

Step 1. Using the feather die, diecut some feathers out of plastic. I used Sizzix die packaging for mine. I cut the two of the feathers twice and then a two more of the smaller one.

Step 2. Using alcohol inks, color your feathers. If you want the feathers more monochromatic, use just a couple of colors, but if you want to have a rainbow, use a bigger selection of colors. Remember color theory, though. If you add too many colors to same piece of felt on the applicator tool, you create mud. So better to add the colors just two at a time. 

Step 3. This is an easy one - punch little holes to each of the feathers. 

Step 4. Using black and white permanent marker, doodle and add markings to your feathers. I traced along the edge of each feather to define it more and then added some doodling to each one. 

Step 5. Then all is left is to actually put the earrings together. I added a jump ring to each of the feathers. Then I added each feather to an earring ring with another jump ring. Lastly I added the ring part to a stud earring part and voilĂ , the pieces of jewelry were done!

These earrings were so much fun to make! I can't wait to wear them, as I just know it'll be so much fun, too! I'm saving their big debut to this Saturday, when I'm demoing at Leimailutaivas. 

Thank you for stopping by today! See you again! Have a great day! 

Dies used: 

Materials: Sizzix, Ranger, Posca


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