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It's March! Spring is drawing closer and closer! Here's a little sweet something I made for Prima Marketing.

When I was demoing Finnabair newbies at Creativation I made a canvas using the new pastes and new colors of Metallique paints. Someone then said that it would be wonderful to have a tutorial of the whole process. So now I’m happy to fulfill that request!

The background of the canvas is done using the new texture pastes on top of each other. The coloring is done using the new colors of Metallique paints and then there’s some of the new Mechanicals in the composition, too. So almost completely done with new products! Well, there’s some oldies but goodies in there, too, as I used 3D Gel as my adhesive and added some softness with white gesso. If you want to see how the canvas was made, please see the video below! 

I hope you enjoyed the video! Thank you for stopping by today! Have a sweet start to the new month! 


965198 – Plaster Paste
965259 – Paper Texture Paste
965181 – Art Alchemy Metallique paint Frozen Berries 
965174 – Art Alchemy Metallique paint Romance Pink 
961367 – 3D Gloss Gel 
963323 – Melange Art Pebbles 
965945 – Mechanicals Flowers 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
960339 – Mechanicals Roses 
960353 – Mechanicals Washers 2 
961077 – Mechanicals Vintage Centers 
961053 – Mechanicals Gears 
631338 – Love Story flowers Damianne 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
964016 – Metallique wax White Gold 
963958 – Metallique wax Vintage Gold 
815301 – IOD mold Keyholes 
814816 – IOD mold Baroque 5 
584566 – Tile stencil 

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