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Hiya! Here's another project that was shown in the Prima blog last year in a mini series about favorite projects (link). Again, it's a new thing done especially for the post but I tried to include so many my favorite elements to this piece as possible. There’s black gesso, there’s blue and purple Mica, there’s Barn Stars and Art Pebbles. So even though the piece is brand new, it’s already very dear to me because of the materialas and elements.

I originally fell in love with white gesso, but nowadays if I'm to create out of pure pleasure, so that I can choose anything, I gravitate towards the black gesso. I love the way it really makes the colors shine and how there's an air of mystic about it. Layer some Mica over it and it gets a universe style of thing going on, add some purples and gold and it turns into Arabic nights and makes me think about "Thousand and One Night" tales. 

Even though this is an older piece as it was blogged in Prima blog last year, I'm packing it with me to Creativation! Let's see if it makes it to the Prima booth! If not, I'd be happy to give it to someone who reads my blog and is attending! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely, artful day!


961459 – Heavy Gesso Black 
961365 – 3D Gloss Gel 
961411 – Modeling Paste 
962470 – Mica Powder Purple 
962845 – Mica Powder Deep Water 
962821 – Mica Powder Frozen Lake 
963958 – Art Alchemy Metallique Wax Vintage Gold 
964337 – Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance Wax Mystic Turquoise 
964252 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Wax Royal Robes 
964054 – Art Alchemy Sparks Dragon’s Eye 
963392 – Mechanicals Barn Stars 
961053 – Mechanicals Gears 
964382 – Mechanicals Metal Lotus 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
963395 – Mechanicals Mini Knobs 
960353 – Mechanicals Washers 2 
960346 – Mechanicals Washers 1 
963323 – Melange Art Pebbles 
962654 – Glass Beads Cobalt Blue 
961596 – Glitter Set Luminous 
961565 – Glitter Set Caribbean Sea 
590369 – Prima Flowers Grasslands 
561130 – Taos Rosarian 

582852 – Doily 2 Stencil 

Materials: Prima Marketing


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