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Happy New Year's Eve! Finnabair ambassadors made wishes for the new, upcoming year in this post in Finnabair's blog (link). We wished for example happiness, joy, inclusion and hope. Other words were believe, connect and light - my wish for the new year. 

I wish the new year will be full of light. Light to illuminate the dark places, light to spark your creativity, light to keep it easy and pleasant and light to enlighten all of us. 

To visualize my wish, I did an altered brush. The main element was naturally a light source, an old oven light bulb, but I chose to use a brush as the base of my creation. Creating usually makes me feel lighter as it eases stress and makes me feel good. I used a bottle cap as the base for the light bulb and arranged other elements as rays coming from the light. The piece at the back was given to me on a workshop - I finally got to use it! 

I went with a purple color in the background but added a lot of pearly white on top both with Art Alchemy paint and wax. The last detail was to add the word on top - I typed it with an old typewriter and then adhered on top of the light bulb.

With this project I'm wishing you the best possible new year 2018! Thank you for stopping by today and all your visits during this year! 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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  1. This is extra special Riikka. A beautiful piece to welcome the new year.


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