Duo - layout using Daniel Smith watercolor ground

Hi there! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that some weeks ago I had a little time to play (link)

I got some fun products from Frankfurt in the beginning of the year from Daniel Smith representative. I'm ashamed to say it took me this long to get some playtime with them but I'm so happy that I got! The watercolor dots were lovely, but what I really got excited about was the little jar of the Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground. The one I got was a Pearlescent White. What attracted me about the medium was not the shine, though, but how it was making the watercolors to react.

I'm definitely not an artist so I usually use gesso in my layouts and crafts even when I'm working with watercolors. It's not ideal, I know, but I think it's good to have more open time, more play time with the colors as the paper absorbs the colors quite fast. But this medium, wowsers! It gives the open time, time to manipulate the colors but at the same time gives tooth to the base for the colors to grab. It's actually hard to explain but it's really intriguing medium, really eye-opening one. I'm really looking forward to play more with the stuff! 

As my first play project I just stamped an image, colored it and tested the ground and the watercolors. But as my second project I created something that I can actually share - a layout. The background in this page is done with the Watercolor Ground medium and the watercolor dots. On top of the shimmery surface I layered some papers, flowers and other embellishments and did a page about my two girls. They are almost inseparable! 99% of the time they get along swell and really good, only every now and then they can't be in the same room without a brawl but usually after they have done something on their own, they are again like two peas in a pod. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have you experiences in the Watercolor Ground? I would love to hear about them! Have a swell Sunday! Ta ta for now! 

Materials: Daniel Smith, Prima Marketing, American Crafts, Doodlebug Design, Scrap FX, Wow Embossing Powder, Teippitarha, A Flair for Buttons

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  1. Lovely layout!!! Will have to try the watercolor ground! Sounds interesting :)


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