Winged horses

Hi there and sweet Sunday! Today I'm sharing some horses with you. These are a class sample. Ever since I made these horses (link) to Mixed Media Place I've been thinking about a workshop of them. And I've actually been asked about it, too. But the problem has been the horses, where to find identical horses for at least ten people. 

The solution came from eBay. I maybe sound older than I am but I've never liked online shopping. I rather have the things in my hands, can feel the material, texture and see the true colors. So that I thought about the wonderful selection of eBay this late is no wonder. I found several toy horses from China that way, ordered a test set of those and decided on these as they were the nicest form. 

As this is a workshop I can't say much about the actual doing of the horse, only to mention that both of the winged things are painted with the same colors, same shades of the Opal Magic paints. 

If you'd like to do something like this, I'm keeping this workshop for the first time in Klemmarikellari, Turku this autumn. There's one seat left in that class. And if you'd like to take it in another city or country, please tell your local brick and mortar shops and let's see what we can come up with! 

Thank you for your visit today! Have a pleasant Sunday and great start to the new week!

Materials: Prima Marketing

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