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Happy Easter! Easter means a family time to me. It’s time to calm down, to take it easy and eat well. It’s also the time we have a dinner with both of our family’s, my husband’s and mine.

I love to plan what we’re going to eat from the appetizer to the desert. I also love to set the table nicely so that’s where IOD products come into picture. We don’t have that big of a table, so I like to vertical rather than horizontal. For this little center piece, I decorated a candle and some eggs using the IOD stamps and used the molds to make decorations for the plate. Then I combined the two and added some Prima blooms to finish the piece.

This piece was one of the numerous projects in an IOD tablescape post at Prima blog some days ago (link). So if you're having a family dinner tomorrow, on Easter Monday, there's still time to make a center piece or some decorated napkins. 

Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by today! 


814342 – Décor Clear Stamp Fleur 
814816 – IOD Vintage Art Deco Mould Baroque 5 
814793 – IOD Vintage Art Deco Mould Baroque 3 
964054 – Art Alchemy Sparks Dragon’s Eye 
964368 – Stone Effect Pastes 
961442 – Heavy Gesso White 
961459 – Heavy Gesso Black 
582562 – Color Bloom Chrome 
573836 – Color Bloom Tea Stain 
573829 – Color Bloom Worn Leather 
588083 – Gypsy Cord Analetta 
590062 – Flower Bundle Yellow 
590291 – Prima Flowers Tropicalia 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger

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