New workshops!

Hi there! I'm happy to tell you that I've been planning and pondering and now ready to share a couple of new workshops with you! You can see all the currently available ones on my "Workshops" page (link)! It would be wonderful to see you this year! Please check the dates of the confirmed workshops from the blog's sidebar! 

Light and dark - Opal Magic paints work differently on these surfaces. It's like night and day! This workshop is inspired by that thought and we're altering two little horses during this workshop creating one for day and one for night. Mixed media, playing with gel mediums and paints and naturally the astonishing effect of the Finnabair Opal Magic paints. 

I love how a scrapbooking layout can document the story both in words but also in the feeling, colors and textures of the page. In this workshop we create a textured layout which can be an explosion of color or subtle and serene depending of the mood and story of the photo.

We're but dust and shadow. This framed project is just that - layers, dust and shadow. We create a monochromatic an assemblage with a weathered, dusty effect. We play with gel medium, gesso and Texture Powder - no colors added. 

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