Black and white heart canvas

If you've been following my creations or my blog a while, you know what my favorite band is. And you even might know that one of my workshops even is inspired by the band. But what you might not know is that I have a quest. Quest to create something for each band member. I have done (and given) something for the singer already (link) and for the violinist (link) and this piece was created and given to the guitarist of Turisas, Jussi Wickström (link).

The piece is a kind of re-take to the first Turisas inspired craft I did, a heart of Turisas. But this time I felt that a heart shaped heart was a bit lame and went for an anatomical one. So I took some air-drying clay and started shaping the piece. I actually had to use google to find out the correct shape and the places of the veins but the outcome is pretty good.

As the song lyrics go that the heart was forged, naturally it needed to look like metal. For that I used Finnabair acrylic paints but also silver colored foil. There's just a few pieces of the foil in the high areas to catch the light, otherwise the heart is dark.

As the piece was done for a guitarist, I tried to add details that he would find fun and interesting. There's a tuning peg and a pick in there, but also a piece from a faucet, a suspender belt clip and a couple of animal shaped pieces of jewelry. 

I had so much fun doing this! I hope that you'll have at least as much fun trying to see what's in the piece! Thank you for stopping by today!

Ps. If you'd like to create something similar, check out my upcoming workshops! At least here in Finland, in Seinäjoki, we'll be creating heart canvases! More about that in this post (link)Jos kiinnostaisi luoda jotain tähän suuntaavaa, kurkkaa tulevat kurssini! Ainakin Seinäjoella tehdään sydänkanvaksia - lisää siitä tässä postauksessa (linkki)! Tervetuloa!

Pps. The photos are taken on top of my husband's guitar which he patterned using gel medium to get the snake skin like look to it. I felt quite proud then, to have inspired him.

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger

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