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Hi there! How are you today? Fine, I hope! I'm getting so excited for the coming weekend, the workshops in Belgium! So awesome to travel there! As always, I'm trying to post some updates along the weekend to my Instagram if you are interested in seeing some sneaks.

The piece I'm sharing today is something I decided to dedicate as my Finnabair ambassador piece because there's quite a few Finnabair pieces in it. The mediums are mainly from her line as well as the metal embellishments and also the stickers. And talking about workshops, this piece is actually done as a workshop sample. This one is from Sweden, Uppsala. It was fabulous to travel there also - thank you Scrapdraken for the invite!

There's something magical about old scissors. I'm fascinated by their shape! Every time I come across them at flea market I get them to my stash. The beauties in this cover are from Tallinn. We visited the local recycling center while in our summer vacation. My husband almost started to laugh when the seller actually showed how well they still cut through paper when I bought them. He knew that they wouldn't be used for their actual purpose but in something very different.

It's about a month when the big announcement went live both in Finnabair's (link) and in my blog (link). Now there's the first monthly post published in Finnabair's blog with the Brand Ambassadors. The series are called Ambassador's Lounge and the first post is about creative flow (link). About what makes the ambassadors tick, what makes them happiest when creating and what makes ambassador's heart sing when creating. The answers are really interesting read as to me they all describe the same with different words! The joy of letting go, the joy of to be absorbed into the piece you are making. Do you get the same feeling?

The Lounge post asks it, too, but what makes your heart sing when creating? What makes you tick and what's your best creative flow? 

Thank you for stopping by today! See you again tomorrow! 


3D Gloss Gel
Bottle Caps
Mechanical Flowers
Flowers Mini

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio


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