My Finland

Hi there and happy weekend! Today I'm sharing something I created for Olga and Aida when they visited Finland keeping workshops at "Matka Luovuuteen". All the people attending got a warm up challenge, create something that would represent their Finland. The only limitation was the size, 6x6", as the pages were to be made into a minialbum. 

When I started to think about my Finland, some things rose to my mind. First of all, heavy metal. Then velvet night sky. Then my favorite song with Finnish lyrics, Myrskylintu. I also thought about grandmothers, woolen socks, icy breeze, snow and our sense of humor. Out of those, the two pages were made. There's the over all color scheme with velvet like shades representing night sky, stormy sea and also homage to goth and metal scene. There's the textures of snow, hail and ice. And there's the feather referring to both my favorite bird (raven) and to the piece of music, Myrskylintu. Last but not least, there's the highly ironic title about sunshine representing the sense of humor.

This post is a good prelude to finally share the projects I made during the workshops. I start with the projects I made during Aida's workshops tomorrow and on Monday and then continue next weekend with the projects I did during the ones Olga kept. 

So thank you for coming today, hopefully you'll be back tomorrow! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio


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