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Life is good, isn't it? At least when I'm writing this post life is peachy. But what the title refers as well is the happy time I had this spring when I was invited to keep workshops in Britain. It was such an honor and such a joy! Loved every minute of it and I'm more than happy that I get to return there next year. Yay!

This layout is done for A Flair for Buttons Etsy store and the original post can be found here (link).

I used just two flairs in this project. The crown represents Britain and it's indeed from the "UK" set. I guess the "Crafty Chick" doesn't need much explaining. Maybe just a mention that I'm not referring only to myself but naturally to the ladies behind me in the photo and all who attended the four workshops!

The layout was started as a demo sample, but I finished it at home. I was demoing the foiling with the rub-ons but when it came to the title, the whole golden version was just too much. So I added two of the words with the foiled versions and then used just plain black alpha for the "good" part. 

One other thing worth mentioning is maybe the use of the washi tape. As I wanted it to be more dimensional than just flat tape, I first adhered it on top of a piece of patterned paper and then attached the piece to the layout. I think the effect is quite nice with the pattern of the paper showing through the sheer tape!

Thank you for your visit! Have a great weekend! 

Sets used: 


Materials: A Flair for Buttons, Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, American Crafts, Teippitarha

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  1. Riikka - beautiful page! The tip about the washi tape on designer paper is awesome - thanks for sharing!


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