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It's already Wednesday! Oh my - once again the time really flies! First a couple words in Finnish about a workshop and then I'll write more about today's project, which was published in Prima blog not so long ago. Here's the link to that original post with lots of eye candy (link)!

Nyt viikonloppuna suuntaan Ruotsiin, mutta sen jälkeisenä viikonloppuna, tarkemmin lauantaina 5.11. ollaankin Donnossa, Halikossa kurssin kera. Tällöin leikitään mustalla gessolla ja PanPastels -väreillä ja tehdään teos paletin päälle. Kurssin hinta on 39 € / hlö, johon sisältyy käytettävät materiaalit. Pari paikkaa on vielä vapaana eli jos kiinnostaa niin eikun ilmottautumaan! Lisätietoja tästä blogipostauksesta (linkki) taikka allekirjoittaneelta - laita rohkeasti sähköpostia tulemaan! Osoite löytyy tuolta sivupalkista.

The upcoming weekend I'm teaching in Sweden, in Uppsala and I'm so excited about the trip already! The few words I wrote here above are about a workshop here in Finland - the Sweden ones are all booked but there's a couple of places left in the Finnish one. 

But back today's project, the colorful journal page. Do you have that moment when the project you are doing starts to live its own life and takes a turn to something new? This happens to me quite often and I’m just happy letting the project guide my way in the process. It was the case with the journal page as well – I started by some stencil fun and then stamped the blooms on top all the time thinking, I would use that as the background. But when I started coloring the flowers and adding the paints on top, the project wanted to be more than just a background. It wanted to be the whole project, not just a background - vibrant, happy and standing on its own! So instead of forcing it to be what I wanted, I let it be what it wanted and went with the flow! 

Do you do that, let the project take over and see where it takes you? 


980290 – Bloom Girl stamp Catrina
980313 – Bloom Girl stamp Floral
963231 – Metallique Rich Turquoise Acrylic Paint
963132 – Metallique Wild Fuchsia Acrylic Paint 
963187 – Art Alchemy Metallique Pure Sunshine
963262 – Mixed Media Essentials 
961428 – Soft Matte Gel 
576493 – Palette Marker Set Sapphire
576486 – Palette Marker Set Dark Skin
576516 – Palette Marker Set Ruby
576455 – Palette Marker Set Jet Black
961893 – Messy Clear Stamp 
569792 – Alpha Canvas Large White
582975 – Décor 1 stencil 
584566 – Tile stencil 
980399 – Spark stencil
962296 – Alpha stencil 
962760 – Brush Set 
963880 – Silicone Brush 2” 
960209 – Finnabair Mixed Media Journal

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger

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