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I did three layouts for the latest issue of the Turtle Soup Creative Magazine. I've shared two of them already and this one is the third. If you want to see all three layouts together and a big big bunch of other fantastic creations, you can see the issue here (link).

What the layouts have in common is the color scheme. Each issue has its own palette and topics. Naturally you could use just either topic or the colors, but I like to use them both in my pieces. So this time the colors were autumn splendor like - oranges, yellows and a hint of brown, too. Not my usual color palette, so maybe that's why these layouts were so fun to make! 

The topic of the page is like the title suggests - a delicacy but also how eating habits change when the weather turns colder. It's funny how during summer time I crave for cold foods and light ones - like salads. But when the weather starts to get colder and you can sense the autumn in the air, the eating habits change. And during winter time, all one craves are casseroles and stews! So funny! 

But back to the delicacy part and to the photo. Last Christmas I bought some brie cheese and fig preserve to take along to my parents. Even though the plan was to share it with everyone, I guess it was me who ended up eating the most of the cheese. A thin cracker with some dried fruit in it, then a chunk of brie and on top the fig preserve. Oh so delicious! 

Thank you for visiting today! Can I ask, what's your favorite treat? 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Scrap FX, A Flair for Buttons, Sakura, Wow Embossing Powder

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