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Hi there! sorry for being quite quiet this week - I've been having a vacation and the girls started their school year so I've been busy with family things. But hopefully I can get the blog running on almost daily basis again and share my crafts with you! I also want to take this opportunity and thank you all who come to visit me here! It really means a lot - so thank you very much!

Today I'm sharing a project for A Flair for Buttons. You can see the original post here (link). If you are not familiar with this lovely Etsy shop, here you can browse their huge selection of different flair buttons (link). And they do custom pieces as well!

This page is about my favorite drink. Do you prefer one? My favorite is by far tea. Normally I'm all in for black tea without any flavorings, but every now and then I get an urge for jasmine tea. I've had some different ones with green tea, but my husband happened to find jasmine tea with black tea! Whoa, the best there is!

I happened to have this photo of me in a Chinese restaurant, drinking jasmine tea of course, so it was a perfect shot to be used to document my love for the drink. I used strong colors in the page, inspired by the photo and especially the cup. There's the dark brown from the bench, the red from the cup and the carpet and turquoise and yellow from the cup. 

The flair buttons mimic the color scheme but also add to the story. The heart is naturally to show my love for the drink, the camera for the documenting part and the year to show the date of the photo. Each one of them is from a different set but as they mimic the colors I used in the page, they all go swell together! 

Thank you for your visit! Wishing you a great start to the weekend!

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, American Crafts, Teippitarha

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