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Welcome to another glitter filled day! Yesterday I shared my first project (link) for my glitter Master Class article for Craft Stamper and here's another project I did for it - a sparkling canvas. This piece shows all five of the techniques using glitter which I included to the article with step by step photos.

I love how doing Master Class articles challenge me. Because there's numerous ways to use glitter but trying to think about versatile ways, mediums and finishes that can fit to the number of steps is a great way to challenge one's thinking! I'm grateful that Trish allows me to do these pieces! By the way, she has just released a wonderful set of stamps so I urge you to visit her blog (link)!

Also it's funny how for some time ago I didn't like glitter and sparkle at all, but it's definitely growing on me! This canvas might be a bit of an overdose but I do enjoy a bit of sparkle here and there! And the more subtle shine of Mica, that I like a lot!

Thank you for your visit today! Glitter all the way! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, The Crafter's Worlshop, Stampendous, Wow Embossing Powder, Epiphany Crafts


  1. I adore your glitter project. It looks awesome !!
    Can I ask where tou gor that fabulous sun ? Is it made from clay and a mold ? Or is it a metal piece ?
    Thank you for sharing your lovely art. It is so inspirational.
    Hugs from Monica.....Spain
    ( mamablitger@hotmail.com )

    1. Thank you Monica! The sun is a Dresden trim from Prima Marketing called "Sun". (https://www.primamarketinginc.com/shop/catalog/product/view/id/9380/s/dresden-trim-sun-silver/category/486/)

    2. Allthough it is VERY late to respond to your reply I think I wanted to say thank you for taking time to help me. To be honest I saw the sun same day for sale in a web store. Thats why I did'nt come back here before today when I bosiyed your blog to enjoy some of your other fabulous art projects. But thank you so much for your kind help.
      Hugs from Monica

    3. My pleasure! Great to hear that you found the sun :)

  2. Riikka - congratulations about the magazine - that's wonderful! Your work is always amazing. Your new canvas is absolutely gorgeous and I bet in real life - it is so shiny and sparkly! And, I love, love that sun!


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