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Hi there! As it's Thursday, it's time for another #TBT post! #TBT posts are posts that are re-blogged for a reason. Each Thursday I re-blog a post from the past, share why I chose to show the piece again and also add pieces of the original post to the #TBT post.

Today I re-blog a page which I remember as my first "mixed media" page. Or with this page it started. With this page I had the revelation that it's "only paper" and I could actually experiment and do stuff without fear. I can still actually remember the moment and how the idea sunk in. The page isn't by far my best, but it has a special meaning to me.

The layout is also special because of its topic. The title "Kiti" is the name of the soft toy my daughter is holding in the picture. It's a Finnish version of Kitty. My older daughter still has that soft toy and it's her most prized possession. 

What's also fun with this page that it's from a time when I didn't edit my layout photos the way I do now. See? The photo isn't cropped tightly, showing only the layout but instead there's some white table showing underneath. 

Here's a link to the original post (link), if you want to see, but I have to warn you, it's mostly in Finnish.

Thank you for your visit today!

Materials: Sassafras Lass, American Crafts, Maya Road

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  1. Beautiful page and sweet photo with the kitty. I still have my son's very first stuffed animal - a musical elephant (and it still works) - and it's 42 years old!


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