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Hi there! As it's Thursday, it's time for another #TBT post! It's new series that I started and now I'm trying how it goes. 

#TBT posts are posts that are re-blogged for a reason. Each Thursday I re-blog a post from the past, share why I chose to show the piece again and also add pieces of the original post to the #TBT post.

This page is my very first design team project for the 7 Dots Studio. It's done back in 2014, but still style and color wise it looks like me. The fun thing about doing these posts is to re-discover some pages and creations. See how the style has evolved and how I and my style has changed across the years. But this, as I said, could almost be done even today. I see slight changes but nothing too drastic. Does that on the other hand mean that I'm stuck and can't invent anything new any more? 

I did three layouts to the post, actually. I chose to re-blog this for a couple of reasons. For the first, it was the first one of the three blogged both in the company and my blog. Secondly, this layout also comes with a video. And thirdly, I remember thinking back then with this page that "is this me", so I guess the brown color scheme was a new thing then.

Underneath is a paragraph from the original post and that rings a truth even today. I often let the project lead me than the other way around. Or maybe I should say that I'm open to change, as I do have some kind of idea when I start. It's not maybe very definite, but I have a notion about the colors, the topic, the composition or something that springs me into action. 

My key thought while scrapping is not to think but instead free my mind and just do. Somebody sometimes used the phrase “let your hands lead you” and I think it’s a perfect way to describe what I do. I just play around with different media and pretty papers and embellishments and change my game plan according to every layer I create.

Thank you for stopping by!

Supplies from 7 Dots Studios: 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Talens, Ranger, 3rd Eye, Sakura

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