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Hello there! Sorry I have been missing for a few days. It was a hectic work week last week. I had the whole week timed then with posts but the bounce back from the work load has taken some time. But now I'm here again, sharing a piece that was showed in Prima blog last week (link) and that was originally created for CHA! 

I actually did two canvases, this black one and then a white one. They form a pair and are opposites. The white on is happy, light and joyful and this one depicts sorrow. But even so – I had so much fun doing this piece! 

I started by doing the head and hand of the doll using air drying clay. Then I colored the skin a little and added the hair. Next up I formed a body out of a piece of cardboard and then wrapped the cloth around here. To make the cloth really stay the way I wanted, I drenched it with Clear Sculpting Medium.

If you want to see how this canvas was made, I prepared steps for you! Here's the link to the Snapguide (link) for you to follow!

Thank you for your visit today! 


963019 – Sculpting Medium Clear
962975 – Modeling Paste
962968 – Heavy Gesso Black
962982 – 3D Gloss Gel
962999 – Soft Gloss Gel
963064 – Art Alchemy Steampunk Copper
962845 – Mica Powder Deep Water
963323 – Art Pebbles
584559 – Stencil 6x6
963354 – Mechanicals Mini Stars
963422 – Mechanicals Rustic Washers
963446 – Mechanicals Steampunk Blades
960285 – Mechanicals Vintage Clock Face Large
961077 – Mechanicals Vintage Centers
961138 – Mechanicals Type Writer Numbers
961497 – Texture Paste Graphite
962708 – Glass Glitter Pitch Black
573812 – Color Bloom Precious Stone
573898 – Color Bloom Cobalt
961602 – Glitter Set Ebony and Ivory 

Materials: Prima Marketing


  1. It's so original, I do like it!

  2. I love, love this piece, Riikka!

  3. Voi että olet taitava. Tämä on aivan huippuihana.

  4. Yriika this canvas is AWESOME... Love everything about it. The lovely face, her clothes, her hand, thep embellishment, and of course the colors. Thank you for the fabulous step-by-step tutorial on Snapguide.
    Is it possible to see the white one somewhere ? Or are you going to share it here on your blog in the near future ? I would LOVE to see it.......please,,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely ART..
    Hugs from Monica... Spain


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