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Hi there! She's my very first one. My first fairy or doll canvas. She was the other of two canvases guesting yesterday at Finnabair's blog (link)

I used white Sculpting Medium here and kept the whole canvas quite light and spring like unlike her pair which I blogged earlier (link). Where she is happy, the other one is sad and where this project is light and pastel colored, the other one is black and dark tones. The delicate touches of color in this project are made with Mica Powders and Oil Pastels.

The Sculpting Medium really opened a new door for me and added something fresh to my choice of mediums. It pushed me to try new things and I really like to do these kinds of projects! And the fun thing is that now that I've done three canvases, they seem to get better! Where this first one a bit stiff and awkward looking the third one is way better.

When thinking about a project to do, with this firs one, I had a vision of an elf-like creature holding an alarm clock. Unfortunately I didn’t have any old alarm clocks in my stash nor did the drift stores have proper ones so I altered my original idea a little. This fairy got a spoon next to her so she can spread joy with it.

Wishing you a joyous day!


963026 – Sculpting Medium White
962975 – Modeling Paste
962951 – Heavy Gesso White 
962982 – 3D Gloss Gel
962999 – Soft Gloss Gel
961596 – Glitter Set Luminous
961572 – Glitter Set Mardi Gras
961671 – Glass Beads Crystal 
963323 – Art Pebbles
963095 – Art Alchemy Brass Hardware
962807 – Mica Powder Black Cherry
962814 – Mica Powder Vintage Pink
962500 – Mica Powder Green
814328 – Oil Pastels
584566 – Stencil 6x6 
583033 – Magnolia Trim
586737 - Box Flowers Rose Gold Kiss
583330 – Royal Menagerie Helena

Materials: Prima Marketing


  1. AMAZING PROJECT. I love your 3 art dolls. I. Wish you could have made a small video or step-by-step tutorial. Did you use glas pebbles for the eyes ??
    You are so talented. I enjoy so much to follow your blog. Thank you for sharing your talents.
    Hugs from Monica

    1. Thank you Monica! Yes, the eyes are glass pebbles :)


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