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Happy Valentine's Day! May your days be filled with love, caring and joy! 

I'm blogging this project I made with step by step pictures for the Craft Stamper February 2016 issue. The assignment was to make an altered Valentine's project. So even though the color scheme is not traditional and neither is imagery, there's a sweet thought behind the piece. 

If you read the post about the last Inspired By (link) you learned that I have a thing for crows. So when I was thinking of a project to make and more over a picture to transfer to the plate, I came to think about our wedding song. We had the Damian Wilson's version of John Lennon's "Grow old with me" (link) as our song. So with a little bit of word play the title turned into "crow old". The other reason, or should I say the third reason, was that the whole thing reminded me of the movie "The Crow" (link) - real love is forever. 

With some mixed media touches I turned a plain white plate into a Valentine's wall decor piece. One element this piece even more special to me, the key. I was rummaging through my "mixed media drawer" with all sorts bibs and bobs but found no key and I really had a strong vision about the key. So what did my lovely husband do? Found some keys in an online action, bought them straight away and drove to get them so I could finish the piece. I mean I can't even describe how wonderful, encouraging and caring he is! 

Thank you for your visit and have a pleasant Sunday! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Talens, Scrap FX, Ranger

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