My favorite 12: cards, tags and ATCs

Happy New Year 2016! Now that the fresh new year is about to start, I'm looking back to 2015 for a while and dedicating the first posts of this year to different favorites of 2015. 

2015 was a special year in many ways. I'm in awe and honored of the adventures I've had. I've met new people, kept numerous workshops both in Finland and in Norway (my first workshops abroad!) and got new crafty friends. I enjoy the support you lovely readers give to my blog and crafty adventures and all your visits. So a big thank you to each and every one of you! 

There was some new teams I got into last year and continued to design for some brands I adore. I'm honored to be part of each team and all the guest posts I've had. I'm also very happy on the articles and projects that have got published through out the 2015. 

New teams in the 2015 were A Flair for Buttons, a lovely Etsy store with loads of wonderful flair buttons, Artists Live, a Ustream show happening each Monday, ScrapFX, a chipboard manufacturer from down under and of course the giant Prima Marketing, which fulfilled a long dream of mine. I continued to design to the love of my life, Polish 7 Dots Studio, to the online store Mixed Media Place and also continued to be a part of the CraftStamper magazine's team. Besides that my work was published in the French Histoires de Pages and Finnish Ihana during 2015. Guest spots include C'est Magnifique Kits in the beginning of the year, then a 6-month guest post with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and I also guessed a couple of times in challenge site CSI and for Epiphany Crafts, both former teams of mine. I had the honor of being  a "Star Designer" in Mixed Media World, too. I also was part of the Finnabair Creative Team during most the year, which was a huge honor for me and also belonged to the Canvas Corp Brands team until July when I had to make the sad decision to leave the team. 

I did many video tutorials or more like process videos that you can see from my YouTube channel (link). What I've also enjoyed doing last year are the "Inspired By" (link) and the "Inspiration" posts (link). The first represent a total freedom and a playground for me as there's very little if any rules to those creations and somehow I love the way they challenge me and also I want to exceed myself in those. So I want to thank darling Marsha for continuing the adventure with me, now for the fourth year. You are such a creative person, always thinking out of the box and coming up with the most amazing, inspiring projects! The "Inspiration" series on the other hand made me ponder about the topics and process behind my projects. Inspiration is something that interest me greatly and I'm definitely continuing pondering that during 2016 also. 

I also want to take the time to thank another darling crafty friend, Terhi Koskinen, who agreed to make the holiday season a bit more special this year with me. So thank you for your enthusiasm, inspiration and your sense of humor! And now that I'm in the thanking mode (sounding like Oscars night) - thank you Keren Tamir, who asked me to be a part of the Artists Live happening, such an amazing adventure, thank you all who attend the live shows every single Monday, you make it all worth while and more, thank you all who have exchanged an ATC with me last year and shared their unbelievable creations and "art babies" with me! Thank you Marta Lapkowska, Eliza Trojanowska and Tusia Lech - the friendliest ladies in the world and total sweethearts! Thank you Sharon Laakkonen and Finnabair with all your kind words and making me feel like a million bucks for just doing my stuff. I also want to thank people at Klemmarikellari, Donno, Amalia and Leimailutaivas for letting me to come and keep workshops or demo! Extra thanks also also in order for Brit Sviggum and Linda Olsen for inviting me to Norway! 

I'm doing four posts of different projects - in this first the card-like creations, then canvas-like projects, then layouts and lastly altered pieces. It seems that the point of interest has shifted along the year to more to the 3D projects and mixed media pieces leaving layouts and especially traditional cards behind. But as the new year starts, I'm still continuing doing all those crafts - cards, layouts and altered pieces.

So without further ado, here's my personal favorites of card-like creations of 2015. So there's tags and ATCs as well in the mix as I didn't do much basic cards during the year. I've included link to the original post if you want to see more pictures or read more about the project. If you'd like to see my 2014 favorites here's a link to that post (link) and here's one for event the 2013 post (link)

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you the very best 2016! If you think some card is missing from here or you have a favorite, please share!

Find a Way card created for A Flair for Buttons (link)

Flower card created for and in Artists Live show (link)

Thank you tags created for 7 Dots Studio (link)

Black gesso tag created for Finnabair Creative Team (link)

Crackled Rainbow ATCs created for Finnabair Creative Team (link)

Family First ATCs created for Mixed Media Place (link)

Our Family ATCs created for Mixed Media Place (link)

Magical Tea ATCs created for and in Artists Live (link)

Secrets ATCs created for 7 Dots Studio (link)

Marie ATCs created as a GDT for A Flair for Buttons (link)

My Favorite Eight ATCs created for Prima Marketing (link)

Colorful ATCs created for an Inspired By post (link)


  1. Ooooh... Thank YOU! You are a major inspiration to not only me, but to loads of people!!! Wishing you the best new year ever! <3 <3 <3!

  2. Thank you soo so much ! love your creations and I am your huge fun ! .. and friend which I am so lucky :) love ya

  3. Oh, I can see why you picked these. All are incredible. Happy 2016!

  4. Gorgeous collection! Such wonderful attention to details and layering. You are such an inspiration.


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