My favorite 12: canvases, journal covers and pages

Happy New Year 2016! Now that the fresh new year is about to start, I'm looking back to 2015 for a while and dedicating the first posts of this year to different favorites of 2015.

Yesterday I posted my first 12 favorites - my 12 favorite card-like projects of 2015. I also looked back down the year and gave thanks to many people, including you lovely readers! Here's the link to that post (link)

2015 was a special year in many ways. I'm in awe and honored of the adventures I've had. I've met new people, made into new teams, got to design for different brands and companies and got new crafty friends. I'm also very happy on the articles and projects that have got published through out the 2015. 

I'm doing four posts of different projects - like I said earlier, the this first one was the card-like creations, today I'm listing the canvas-like projects, then tomorrow layouts and lastly altered pieces. It seems that the point of interest has shifted along the year to more to the 3D projects and mixed media pieces leaving layouts and especially traditional cards behind. But as the new year starts, I'm still continuing doing all those crafts - cards, layouts and altered pieces.

So without further ado, here's my personal favorites of canvas-like creations of 2015. I've included journal related projects here as well so there's canvases, journal covers and pages. Like in the first post, I've included link to the original post if you want to see more pictures or read more about the project. If you'd like to see my 2014 favorites here's a link to that post (link) and here's one for event the 2013 post (link)

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you the very best 2016! If you think some canvas is missing from here or you have a favorite, please share!

Iconic warlord created for Mixed Media Place (link)

Spring canvas created for Mixed Media Place (link)

Dream big canvas created for and in Artists Live (link)

Shine together canvas created for Finnabair Creative Team (link)

Remember the Moments canvas created for Canvas Corp Brands (link)

Shining heart canvas created for Mixed Media Place (link)

Easter assemblage created for a guest post (link)

Muse of music canvas created for Prima Marketing (link)

Trust the magic cover created as a workshop sample (link)

Dramatic journal cover created for Prima Marketing (link)

98 page created for Mixed Media Place (link)

Mona Lisa page created for Inspired By (link)


  1. Wow! What a wonderful collection of canvases! You have such an amazing talent. All the best to you and yours for a wonderful 2016.

  2. Spectacular collection. So great to see so many of them together.


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