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Hello! Today I want to share an ancient love with you. Ever since I was a little girl I've been intrigued by Ancient Egypt. I'm not totally sure why it's more into my liking than Ancient Greek for example but somehow it is. Although I've never visited the pyramids nor the country, I've seen magnificent artifacts in museums around Europe. Yes, that's one must always on my list if I know that the city has a great collection of Egyptian artifacts.

So when we headed to Berlin this summer, it was a no-brainer that I needed to see the collections in the Neues Museum. Because the whole family visited the museums, I couldn't dwell in the Egyptian sections, but that wasn't a bad thing. It was great to tell my daughters about things and see them marvel the objects and craftsmanship in the pieces.

When starting this page I first chose the stamp as the "Circles and Lines" turned 45-degrees reminded me about the movie "Stargate" and thus about Egypt. I also knew early on that I waned to make a sand-like paste to be used with the "Circular Shawl" stencil. For that I mixed gesso, pigment, acrylic paint and UTEE. The background also has a few stamped hearts using the "Heart Spangles" stamp and Prima Oil Pastels with a hint of water.

The embellishments include the "Chickenwire Heart" as the background for the photo and a clock face from "Timepieces, Antique" set on top of it. There's also hearts from the "Lots of Love" set scattered around the page.

Thank you for stopping by! Do you have a love that dates back to childhood?

Materials from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons, Teippitarha, Sharpie

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  1. Gorgeous!! I loved the move Stargate with Kurt Russell and James Spader and each time it comes on one of the movie channels, yes, I watch it again. The details on your page are wonderful, Riikka!!


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