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Here's a little something I created for Prima's "Favorite project" feature. For inspiration I started to look through my Pinterest boards and noticed that I’ve been pinning very different works lately. But what I really found interesting at the time was art dolls and ballerinas. I’m trying to gather the courage to try my hands on making an actual doll, but in the meanwhile I stuck to something more familiar to me and made a jumping jack style doll out of paper.

I had a few sources of inspiration for this craft. There were the ballerinas I have pinned lately and also the art dolls in my boards. I guess the picture that had most impact in the finished craft was actually from a wedding site. I really fell in love with the movement and the arch this pin has (link). I was also drawn to the subtle color scheme and the slight roughness of the dress. It has the feel of days gone by. So even though this pin (link) has movement and flowing dress, too, the atmosphere is completely different. The bloom shaped tutu in this picture (link) on the other hand fitted Prima so perfectly so I was drawn to that, too.

While actually searching in the Pinterest with the word "art doll" I also found these jumping jack styled creations (link) by Johanna Flanagan. The fun thing is that the post where the picture originally is from (link) has a printable sheet in it so you can make your own doll!

My first idea was to use a photo for the face of the doll and I was planning on doing two - one for each of my girls. But as I started to draw the base of the doll it took a sudden change and wanted to have really elongated limbs and neck so a child's face wasn't a choice anymore. So I ended up drawing the face as well.

As part of my inspiration came from the ballerinas I’ve pinned so I made a tutu style dress for her and added some tulle to it together with beautiful Prima embellishments. The fun thing is that the moving joints of the paper doll really invite you to play and I’ve been making this red head dance on the table. I can only imagine what you could do with an actual 3D doll! I think I need to have a go with that theme soon. But on the meanwhile I might just do another paper doll as this was so much fun!

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Materials from Prima:

3D Gloss Gel (961367)
Heavy Gesso: White (961374 )
Soft Gloss Gel (961435)
Mica Powder: Gold (962524) 
Mica Powder: Green (962500)
Mica Powder: Pink (962456)
Micro Beads: Copper (962579)
Glitter Set: Luminous (961596)
Watercolor Pencils: Basics (576714)
Watercolor Pencils: Spring & Fall (576721)
Sunrise Sunset: Del Sol (960001)
Archivist: Chipboard Stickers and More (579098)
Lyric: Brads (564735)
Holiday Jubilee: Brads (570545)
Rodanthe: Seashell (577766)
Frost Dance (565749)
Mechanicals: Gear (961053)
Mechanicals: Washers (961060)
Epiphany: Wood Icons (576059)
Resin in a Wood Box: Feather (573355)
Wire Thread: Ivory (572105) 
Pebbles (570620)

Materials: Prima Marketing, Design Memory Craft

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