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Hi there again! It's fun how I see myself a scrapbooker most of all but lately I've really been drawn to go more altered and dimensional. I adore getting my fingers to gel medium and love rummaging through my 'mixed media drawer' - a place where I store everything fun I happen to come across.

Yesterday one of these items were shown in Prima's blog. Or rather a project I did on top of a find from the drawer. Most of my friends know of my “strange” hobby so when they are about to throw something away, they let me know first and ask if it’s something I would be interested. That way two hubcaps found their way to my stash. Yes, two. And yes, hubcaps. And yes, I'm a bit weird. 

Sept riikka header

The post in Prima was about a recipe. You know those wonderful tutorials and spurs of inspiration in Finnabair's blog? But this time the idea was that Marta and me took same Finnabair's products and created a project using them. We chose 3D Gel, white gesso and Micas. You must go to the Prima's blog to see the captivating canvas Marta created using those items!

As the ingredients were perfect for anything dimensional and I knew that Marta was doing a canvas I wanted to use something unusual as the base for my creation. That's where the hubcap came into the picture! It gives a nice contrast to the blooms and pastel colors I used and also creates a frame around the piece.

I used Prima embellishments together with different bibs and bobs from my drawer. The cassette in the piece is from a bird guide I had when I was a child. Of course I have the guide book still but put the cassettes to the drawer as we don't have any means to play them anymore. As music is a big part of our family I wanted to include it into the piece. You can probably also see that there's four faces in the piece? Two Archival Casts and two faces from the blooms - they represent the four members of my family. The piece now hangs in our living room wall as a center of attention.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please visit Prima's blog as there's a step by step text about the embellishing part and Marta created a great tutorial for the background! 

Materials from Prima Marketing:

961398 - 3D Matte Gel
962319 - Grungy Grid Stencil 
961350 – Modeling Paste
962760 - Brush Set 
961374 - Heavy Gesso White 
962777 - Mica Powder Sunny Yellow
962814 - Mica Powder Vintage Pink
962524 - Mica Powder Gold
962456 - Mica Powder Pink
962487 – Mica Powder Teal
961091 – Mechanicals Pendant Caps
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps
960322 – Mechanicals Flowers Mini
941628 – Archival Cast Figureheads 
583262 – Norma Resin Face
577766 - Rodanthe Seashell
565763 – Frost Mini Sachet 
567200 – Sunrise Sunset Zipper Flower II
583514 – Metal Embellishments

Materials: Prima Marketing, Scrap FX


Arja L said...

Sä olet Riikka ihan uskomaton :) Nyt meni yöunet... Pitää heti tilata pari kipsimuottia, jotka jo aikaisemmin ajattelin hankkia, mutta kun en ollut varma mihin ne tarviin. Nyt tiedän:)

Unknown said...

What an awesome project. I loved hearing about the different aspects of the piece- like the cassette you used to listen to as a child, that is now immortalized. Thanks!!

Susanne said...

Soo coool! Fabulous! Oh I want to try that idea to!

Apris said...

Oi hyvänen aika sentään miten ihana.

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