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There's a new Spread Your Wings Academy post at Finnabair's blog today. The post is all about layers this time. Gayle, Monika, Olga and myself share some tips and ideas how to build layers with different mediums and supplies. Click here to see the original post (link)!

I guess it's not a great surprise that love layers! I use both dimensional and flat layers in my projects. The flat(ter) ones make up the background with stamping, misting and inking and the embellishments and paper layers make the more dimensional ones. 

My tips on making layers would be: don’t be afraid to cover something, know your supplies and have fun!

When building layers, the odds are that you end up covering something you’ve created in a previous stage. That’s why you might want to go a bit bold and big with the first layers so that you end up showing at least part of the things you’ve done. 

The second tip is connected mostly on stamping in my part but applies to others too. You should know your supplies when building layers. For example I almost always use Archival Ink in stamping because if I then decide to add mist on top the stamped pattern still stays intact. Although bleeding and smudging might look fun too! So you need to know how the mediums react with each other and moisture, too.

The third tip is just to encourage to play, try out and really - to have fun! You can create wonderful textures and layers by accident so play with your supplies and try different things.

I get asked a lot how I make the paper layers behind the photo so here’s a quick three step tutorial of the process. It really is easy as 1-2-3!

1) Make the background layers first by mixing stamping, inking and what you like to use. Then cut some random pieces of patterned paper. Mix different patterns but keep the pieces quite small, biggest piece being the size of the photo or just a touch larger.

2) Then make the composition. Layer the pieces both horizontally and vertically keeping the composition on your hand. Attach the layers to each other with a stapler. Place the staples so that they are hidden underneath the photo. Use just one or a few if needed.

3) Lastly add the photo on top using 3D foam squares. You can also use these to make the paper layers more dimensional, but I often use those just underneath the photo to lift it up from the rest of the page, to really make it pop.

I hope this helps you with the layering! Thank you for stopping by today!


Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, Glitz Design

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