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I had an amazing privilege to play with the May Special Delivery Kit from Prima Marketing the other month. I honestly thought that I had published the pages in my own blog already but it seems that I still hadn't. Now there's a new kit to be ordered and played with, but I still thought to share these creations. The other one today and the other tomorrow. If you want to see the current kit, please visit here (link). And there's a video with Cari making a layout with the current kit on the Prima Ustream channel (link).

But back to May kit and this page. The kit was filled with soft colored goodies and had a vintage charm to it. Well, it was named "Time Capsule", so it's a bit telltale. The vintage feel and the name turned my thoughts to days past and I created this page with a childhood photo. That's me in the stroller there. 

I have no memory of my own about this trip to Stockholm and the old city, but I do remember seeing the photos a bit older. Nowadays if we visit Stockholm and have a day to spend there a must is the Skanssen park and taking a photo on a certain spot, the towers of the Nordic Museum in the backdrop - as such a photo was taken on this trip where the photo is from. It's kind of tying generations together especially as my grandmother isn't with us anymore.

I used only limited amounts of mediums in this page on purpose. I tried to highlight the kit and what you can do with it without a big arsenal of paints and mists and stuff. So there's just some chalk ink through a stencil, some pencil swirls and some stamping and a few flicks of mist in there. Yes, that's four mediums already, but you could use just one ink to stencil and stamp and replace the mists with diluted ink or watercolor.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant start to the new week!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tiger


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