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Hello there! Here's my project for the Finnabair team this month. Here's a link to the Finn's blog. Every month I try to think something new and inspiring to show. I also try to use the different products for versatility and noticed that there was a part of the Finn line that hadn't been starred in my creations yet - the resist canvases.

I really like the resist canvases but haven’t used them much. Usually I use them in a detail of a layout or a mixed media project but this time I tried to think of a project were they would have a big role. Really ability to shine.

First I thought stretching a sheet over a frame and creating a canvas base that way but then a friend of mine was telling be about a journal she’d done on a workshop and they had used a piece of canvas as “the hinge”. Then it hit me that I could create a journal using the canvases. 

I used the canvases not only as the spine but also covered the covers with them. The inside leafs I made using some patterned paper but mainly product packaging from the Finnabair goodies. I cut the sheets, folded them in half and divided them into small stacks and then sewed them together. As this was my very first self-made journal with binding, I was inventing as I went along, but the sheets are attached to each other using a sort of five-hole-stitch combined with codex binding.

The cover is embellished with a couple of Mechanicals but I tried to keep the embellishments minimal so that the canvas wouldn't be hidden underneath. For the coloring part I used the wonderful Mica powders and decided to have the journal pink, maybe for rosy thoughts.

If you want to see how the journal was born, please watch the video I made! It doesn't show the stitching part of the inner pages nor the way I added the inside pages to the cover as it was my first and I really didn't knew what I was doing. But there’s plenty of great tutorials out there to get you started with book binding! And if you want to know more, I'm happy to share my way but like I said, this was my first so it was really even more the error than trial.

Thank you for your visit! If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

Materials used:


Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Tattered Angels


  1. Oi että on taas niin upeaa jälkeä tullut ja ihailen noita värejä.

    1. Kiitokset! <3 Mica-jauheet antavat vahvan värin!

  2. Precioso!!!!!, muchas gracias por tus enseñanzas. Un abrazo :)

  3. Beautiful project! Love the pretty color combo!

    1. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, Mona!

  4. Riikka - So beautiful - the colors are lovely!


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