Fascinator - Prima PPP April

Hello and peaceful Sunday! Today I'm blogging my creation for the Prima PPP challenge. The color palette was so vibrant that it threw it off me first, but then I had an idea to include some neutrals in there as well. I guess also the movie that was playing in the background affected me as well. 

Even before I started staring at the color batches, I had decided that I would make something off the page for the challenge. And when I saw the colors the decision got even stronger. But what to do then? We had "My fair lady" in the background and the moment the Ascot dress of Eliza was showed I knew what I would go for. That dress (link) is one of my favorite movie costumes ever. The silhouette is stunning and I'm also drawn to the black-and-white color scheme. So that in mind, I went rummaging through my fabric stash and took a piece of striped satin as well as a piece of black velvet ribbon and some merry widow veiling. 

First I sewed the satin into a rosette and then added the pieces of the veiling and the ribbon in there. Then it was Prima time! I added some wire to add another dimensional piece underneath all the decorations, on top of the veiling. I made a few circles and some corkscrew style pieces as well. On top I then layered some Prima roses, fabric flower and also a few Mechanicals. As the PPP board had Glass Beads in the pictures as well as the flowers I added both of those in my project.

While I added the white and the black in the mix, there's also the colors from the PPP palette. The dark pink is in the decorative pins, light pink in the stamen. Green can be found in the leaves of the flowers. Yellow is a bit peachier, but it's on the type piece U and in the flowers. And the turquoise is in the glitter and beads in the center of the fascinator.

So, there's my project for the April PPP challenge! Thank you for stopping by today! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


  1. Riikka,
    Your project is absolutely gorgeous - an awesome take on Eliza's dress. Your art is wonderful!


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