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Hi there! There's a post about pens and pencil at Mixed Media Place's blog you might want to read and on top of that, there's a discount on pens and pencils at the shop! All the products from category "Pens and Pencils" are -10%!

Above is a page I did for the post using pencil in a number of ways. The topic of the page is the two little ones. I did the page during Christmas holidays when the kids had the break from day care but us parents were working through most of the holidays. So the little ones were with my parents and our home felt so quiet and dull not having them around. I guess us parents were more happy when they returned home than the girls themselves! 

Underneath is a tiny bit of info about the pencil itself and also some words about the ways I used pencil in the piece.

The pen is mightier than the sword! This awesome craft tool dates back to the 16th century England and has been used ever since. The first pencils were just chunks of graphite but later a way of mixing clay and graphite was invented to produce the core of modern pencil. This also made it possible to make softer and harder pencils, just by changing the ratio of the two ingredients in the core. You can also change the darkness of the markings by the amount of pressure you are using - they can vary from light touches to pitch black especially with a soft pencil. 

There's a number of ways using a pencil. You can doodle with it, draw and write, of course. You can sketch, trace a stencil and color. What you can also do is use it for frottage technique - rub a pattern of an embossing folder for example like I did in my page. Just place something with a raised pattern underneath your paper and rub the surface of the paper with a pencil or equivalent and the pattern will appear. You can also find the tracing, doodling and coloring in my page. Did you also notice the way I added the title? The other part is written with a pencil and then cut off and the other is written straight to the page itself. 

I find doodling on a layout very soothing and also an important part of my process. I usually make doodled rings around the vocal point and then finish the page with smaller doodlings like hearts, stars or just little circles. A pencil is one of my favorite crafty tools and if you haven't tried one for a while, now's a great time to start! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Materials from Mixed Media Place: 

General Pencil - Layout Graphite Drawing Pencil - 1 pc Cardstock - Eco - 12x12 - 285gsm 7 Dots Studio - Domestic Goddess - Proudly Handcrafted Glimmer Mist - Red Velvet Prima - Vintage Vanity - 2.2x2.5'' Clear Stamp - Circles Prima - Vintage Vanity - 3x4'' Clear Stamp - Book Archival Ink - Jet Black Prima - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Harlequin" Prima - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Stars" Prima - Mechanicals Flowers x10 Prima - Mechanicals Numbers Scrapbook Adhesives - 3D Foam Squares Mini - 308 pcs Faber-Castell - Mix & Match - Essential PITT Artist Pens - Black Glue Magic - 45 g in a tube

Materials: Tattered Angels, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Ranger, 3rd Eye, Teippitarha


  1. Täydellinen sivu, tykkään ihan hurjasti!

  2. Amazing background Riikka... Love that it kind of replicates the picture in the photo. You are so clever. So vibrant too.

  3. This is again a beauty. Love your work.
    Greatings thamar

  4. Such a beautiful and creative layout! Love the pretty color palette tha you used. All the doodled details add a great touch!


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