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Hello hello! I'm in such a Holiday mood, but as my post for Mixed Media Place went live yesterday I'm sharing this one in here too. Although it's a travel album, the same idea could be used in a holiday album, too. But let me tell you more about this particular one.

My husband visited the States last autumn. Although I'm the scrapbooker in our house, it seems that my habit of documenting trips and gathering the ephemera has not only rubbed on to our children but also to him as he brought back a great deal of tickets, brochures and other memorabilia from the trip. As I wasn't travelling with him, it was impossible for me to document the trip, but what I could do for him was the base to gather all the memorabilia and maybe later add the photos and text, too. Later I say as he's not the most keen on writing anything down. 

So the first thing I did was to go through all the bibs and bobs to find which were the biggest ones. That way I could make up the size of the album. When I had the width and height, it was then only to make a box style album to house them. I've used this type of album before. The first one ever I did was for a summer trip we all went together (link). Then there's the ones for crafty trips - the other one for Stockholm (link) and other for Paris (link)

What's bugging me with holiday albums is the actual putting together. I seem to postpone it until the time when I don't even remember all the fun things anymore! So my solution was to make a box to house post cards. I bought post cards along the way, journaled to them and then tucked them safely inside the box. So when we were back home, the album was almost finished already! I just needed to order the prints of the photos, tuck them in as well and then the whole thing was done! 

I used the same idea here as in my previous albums, but went bigger as the previous albums have been post card sized. This box required pieces of two 12x12" sheets instead of the one I usually end up using, but still it was ready in no time. The box itself that is. Then came the fun part embellishing the cover!

As the trip was to USA I immediately started thinking about stars and stripes. But knowing my husband wouldn't be that hyped about white-red-blue kind of approach I went with black, only adding a few touches of blue along the way and using stars to embellish to cover.

So now the only thing that needs to be done is to have my husband order the photos he took and to write a few lines. Luckily he's been talking about a blog post about the trip, so I'm guessing joining our forces will eventually create an album of that trip!

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Um Wow Studio, Pan Pastels, Tattered Angels, Ranger


    Iloista ja tunnelmallista joulua sinulle ja läheisillesi!♥

  2. That is such a fabulous idea. I started a smash book for travel because I also collect so much stuff that when I get home I have forgotten so much because we did so much. I love this idea of keeping all the stuff together... writing on post cards is also a stunning idea. <3


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