Scrappetreff - workshops in Norway

Hi there! I have some great news to share! Or rather, I hope you have noticed them already! 

If you have taken a look at my sidebar lately, you probably have noticed the little new icon there is. Like it says in the header and in that icon - I'm flying to Norway to keep workshops! Wohoo! I'm so excited and honored and at the same time scared! I've kept workshops in Finnish about two-three years now, but this time I will teach in English. I understand there's just a few spaces left to the event so if you want to attend, please register now! Here's a link to tell you how (link).

I will be teaching three classes during the weekend. There's going to be two layout workshops "Heart full of song" and "We shaped the world aRound" and also an ATC workshop "Unfamiliar flowers glow on the shore". You can read more about the workshops here (link)

Thank you for stopping by! It would be lovely to see you in Norway! Wishing you all a great weekend!

Ps. If you have any questions, please just leave a comment or send me a mail!



  1. I'm going to this event! Really looking forward to meeting you, and to take your classes :-)

    1. It's going to awesome to meet you Jonna!


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